Published: January, 2021

Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Garden

Everyone loves being outside in the back garden on a warm summers’ day but there are many DIY ways to improve your space and make it all the more enjoyable this year.

  1. Add colour to your garden through flowers, colourful pots, a painted shed or some interesting art. Start by looking at the borders of your garden to see what opportunities you have – do the fences need a lick of paint? Could you add some flower-beds? Improve what you do have by cleaning up your pots, pressure washing your patio area, and removing any overgrowth.

  2. Create a garden focal point such as a specimen tree or shrub, a sculpture, or water-feature. This really drawers the eye and can take away from the fact that the garden is small or overlooked by neighbouring buildings. Adding some metal garden edging around it creates clear definition and stops soil migrating into the area, reducing maintenance.

  3. Add storage space to your garden in the form of a shed or storage box that doubles up as a bench seat. Garden sheds don’t need to look ugly; you can paint them in all kinds of colours, add some flower pots outside, and even put a sedum green-roof on!

  4. Introduce lighting into planting areas, feature trees, water features, and lighting up path ways. Lighting is often forgotten about in gardens until it is required in winter however there are clever ways of using lights to transform a space making it the ideal area for parties or a family BBQ. Simply some fairy-lights strung between fence-posts or around a pergola can create the perfect mood lighting for you to destress in the evening with a glass of wine!

  5. Create warmth by adding a fire pit or heaters makes a garden much more inviting and useable right into the autumn when the evenings start to get a bit chilly and who doesn’t like the comforting feeling of a glowing, crackling fire?

  6. Invest in some outdoor furniture. If you like being out in the garden then you will never look back after investing a set of outdoor furniture. Sun loungers are the perfect way to enjoy a summers day with a cool glass of drink, and you can’t beat being able to dine comfortably with a table and chairs set in the garden with your friends. There are many options on the market to suit every budget.

  7. Metal garden edging around your lawn and planting areas is the professionals secret to adding the finesse to a garden, creating clearly defined borders that are maintenance-free and will be there for years to come. ExcelEdge metal garden edging comes in a range of heights and finishes to suit every area.

  8. Zone different areas makes a garden more interesting and this can be done in even the smallest of gardens. Creating an area of the garden into your vegetable area, a wildlife flower-zone, outdoor seating and eating area, or a play area for the kids, can all become great assets to making more use of your garden as well as being more interesting. Using different surfaces such as composite decking or porcelain paving which is clearly delineated with ExcelEdge metal garden edging gives it a super neat finish.

  9. Encourage wildlife like bees, birds, hedgehogs and much more using feeders, houses and nectar-rich flowers and shrubs. You can do your bit in looking after the local wildlife by creating habitats that suit them, particularly the UKs threatened bee population. Bringing more wildlife into your garden can also help with the control of pests, which is particularly good if you have a vegetable garden, and keeps your flora and fauna thriving.

  10. Water-features are an absolute dream for many garden owners as they transform a space into something alive and moving. Gardens that don’t have much foliage and flowers can look very static and takes effort to keep it looking fresh, but you won’t tire of a small pond or rockery waterfall that changes with the sky.


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