Published: February, 2021

Do I receive installation instructions along with my edging order?

ExcelEdge products are quick and simple to install versus other edging products on the market. We have a comprehensive set of installation instructions for our edging ranges and these are sent to you over email when you receive your delivery note.

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If by some chance your installation instructions have gone missing or have been misplaced, you can visit our installation instructions page on our website where you can download the relevant edging product installation guide.

What is covered in the installation guide?

As mentioned, our edging products are quick and simple to install and our installation guides are easy to follow and provide you step-by-step instructions on how to install your new edging to make your outdoor space amazing. The following bits of information are covered in the edging installation guides:

The required tools and fixings

The tools which are generally required to install ExcelEdge edging are a hammer, hacksaw/angle grinder, level, tape measure, spray paint, string line, and a shovel or spade. The fixings are included with your order.

The Set out

This involves the installer marking out the area you wish to install and digging a 100mm deep trench. Spray paint is most used to mark out the area.

Laying the edging

This step involves the installer cutting the edging to length using a hacksaw or angle grinder. The strip connectors or fixing platers are easy to slide into the edging allowing you to position them along the marked-out area.

Connecting the edging

Each edging range comes with its own steps on how to easily connect each length with its corresponding connector strips.

Cutting and creating corners

Corners are easy to create by simply cutting the edging using an angle grinder or hacksaw. Corners can be achieved by securing the edging to a workbench or something similar and simply bending to 90 degrees.

Handling and hazards

We recommend that you wear gloves as our edging has sharp corners and edges. If you are installing your edging in a public space, wear high visibility clothing, hard hats, and any other PPE required on site.

If you require more help, simply contact our support team on 01580 830688. If you are an Architect or Designer and are looking for technical information regarding our commercial landscaping products, please visit our Kinley website.


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