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Plastic garden edging - SuperEdge

Recycled plastic garden border edging ideal for soft commercial landscapes

SuperEdge plastic garden border edging is a superbly flexible edging system that is quick, simple and fast to install. Helping to neatly maintain shrub and flower bed edging or path edging, it saves on maintenance by keeping garden borders looking neater for longer.

A safer option for commercial soft landscapes than steel or aluminium. SuperEdge is made from 100% recycled plastic material and is also 100% recyclable. SuperEdge can be heated and bent to any angle, cooling immediately to form a very strong corner. SuperEdge is the ultimate garden edging product for flexibility making it the perfect choice for creating shapes and more complex designs.

Please also see EdgeKing, a premium plastic edging system.

For further information on our SuperEdge recycled plastic garden edging, please download our catalogue, the product data sheet and installation instructions or contact us to discuss your requirements.
  • Discreet slim profile
  • Superbly flexible - create bespoke designs such as logos or shapes 
  • Strong but easy to work with 
  • Simple and fast to install 
  • Strong steel stakes 
  • Can also be used with timber stake fixing 
  • 100% recycled and 100% recyclable 
  • 30 year lifespan 

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SuperEdge Recycled Plastic Garden Border Edging